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This webpage is for my analysis of the VR game Moss. It is a VR game where the player interacts with the world guiding mouse as well as being a part of the world through what would normally be a non character camera perspective.
The mouse is controlled with traditional controller controls (move stick to move)
The reader is a representation of the player which is controlled with the location of the headset and motion controls.

As pictured above, you control both the mouse, Quill and a player character known as a reader.
The interaction between these two helps make the game special. For example if the reader gets close to quill, quill pats the reader on the head.

Why its a good use of VR?

Makes good use of VR depth perception to make satisfying puzzles.
Exploring around the scene feels great.
Makes use of diorama set pieces to cut down on some amount of motion sickness from moving around.
Most importantly its fun.

Being able to move around with the headset and see the level with depth makes puzzles like this satisfying because parts of the puzzle can be slightly hidden from view only to be easy to see once the player moves a bit.
The game also frames its diaroma set design as a book, quill generally appears on the left side and has to get to the right side. This helps the player center and quickly figure out what they hvae to do.

Who are it's intended users?

People somewhat familiar with video games.
Current or future VR headset owners.

What are the issues with it?

Sometimes it is advantageous to stand up to get a bird's eye view however when this happens it can be hard to find the location of your seat with the headset on.
Mixing controls of moving objects with motion controls and controlling quill can be hard for a while.

The problem with mixing controls is that when the player is required to use both motion and controller controls it can be hard to do both effectively at the same time.
This is most clearly evident through the combat where in order to heal quill the player must touch her with the motion controls, but they still need to avoid getting hit and move quill out of the way.
This problem is amplified by the fact that a player who would need this mechanic more is one who is getting hit by enemies and thus may not yet have full grasp of quills controls.
However, when mastered the combat can be satisfying to pull off.


Screen Shots - Push Square
Video Ref 1 - GDC Talk by Richard Lico
Video Ref 2 - Playframe playthrough
Moss by Polyarch


YouTube Presentation Video
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